Jim the Tree Doctor

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Jim is my name, and I care for the trees
When they're bitten by bugs or ailed with disease
I take care of our friends, and try to protect 'em
Should anything bother or upset or infect 'em

Tree doctor's my game: I heal shrubs, bushes and trees
That are hurt by construction or hit by deep freeze
These plants are wonderful, keen and compelling
Just think for a moment - I'm not simply kvelling.

They're shady and cool, and provide lots of greenery
Take a good look - they're more than just scenery.
From their roots to their branches, from each branch to each petal
Whether they're elms, oaks or spruces, they all are quite special

They're home to birds, squirrels, and all sorts of animals
For habitat and food, trees are really so valuable
They give plenty of oxygen to make our air pure
They provide nuts and fruits, and much more, for sure.

Trees stop erosion, and noise, and pollution
For solving these problems they're just the solution!
From their cones to their shoots, from each twig to each sepal
They know what to do just to help out the people.

Pine, aspen, larch, poplar, aspen or fir
In forests or parks, they create quite a stir
Look around you a bit and I'm sure you'll remark
You can judge what a tree's like by the tone of its bark.

So - next time you look at a tree, don't just shrug
Your hard-working friend should receive a big hug.
Remember - you're not going out on a limb
You've just done a favor for good ol' Tree Jim.

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