Jim offers a full spectrum of services to take care of your trees and shrubs. He calls upon his extensive knowledge of and experience with plant healthcare and the most-efficacious methods from traditional and current horticulture to develop a whole-solution approach for your property.

Jim is happy to share his knowledge and expertise with students and government agencies.

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Diagnosis - Jim walks through your property to examine trees or shrubs of concern and their surroundings. He notes the condition of your trees and observes any conditions that may be causing their distress; he may also sample the soil for later analysis.

Assessment - On request, Jim will examine your trees and shrubs and advise you on their condition, provide a prognosis, and recommend a course of action that may include a wide variety of remedies, or even culling.

Remedies - Jim employs a wide range of traditional and nontraditional methods, including injections, pruning, tillage, beneficial insects, growth regulators, and anti-desiccants.

Expert witness - Because of his expertise and depth of experience, Jim is often called upon as an expert witness for government agencies. He is also available to the media as an expert in tree health, invasive species, organic and traditional pesticides, weather issues, and urban planning.

Teaching - A board director for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Orange County, Jim lectures frequently on a variety of tree-related topics, including nutrition, pruning, diseases, and parasites. He can tailor his programs to your individual needs - whether for college students, nursery employees, or agricultural industry professionals.

Presenting - Jim speaks regularly to school children on Arbor Day, discussing such topics as invasive species, tree diseases, and the importance of conservation.

Soil and plant-tissue lab services - Jim maintains a full laboratory of equipment and reagents to analyze plant tissues and soil samples.

Fertilization - Jim is current on the latest in fertilization methods and compounds for a wide variety of trees and shrubs.

Street tree inventories - As an expert diagnostician, Jim can conduct inventories to assess tree species, size, health, site conditions, and available planting spaces. Jim then advises your community or organization on achievable strategies to improve existing trees and expand the tree canopy.

Hazard tree assessments - Jim is an expert in tree risk management, and can assess your trees and your tree-management plan, providing a report on the health of your trees and recommendations on how to manage them.


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