Integrated Pest Management

Traditional pest-management programs usually involve cover sprays, which can unnecessarily subject people, animals and the environment to toxic pesticides. By contrast, integrated pest management is a holistic approach that accounts for all of the factors in your trees' or shrubs' environment, uses comprehensive knowledge of pest life cycles and interaction with plants, and deals with pests in the most-efficient and environmentally responsible way. It is a cycle that includes assessment, preventive and remedial actions, monitoring, and feedback.

IPM begins with site visits, ideally on a monthly schedule. After thoroughly inspecting all woody plants on your property, Jim begins the IPM cycle with the first step - setting acceptable levels - and continues through the phases of IPM.

The IPM Cycle

Acceptable levels - the cycle begins with setting acceptable levels of pests (it is not feasible to set a goal of eradicating all pests).

Preventive cultural practices


Mechanical controls

Biological controls

Responsible pesticide use

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